Traveler's Journal Entry November 14, 2022

Are you offended by my streaming TV in my RV?

While we absolutely took on this full-time RV life in our Momentum 397th Grand Design 5th wheel toy hauler to have moreadventure every day; it is getting cooler outside and dark early so we do on occasion watch TV in our rig.

In an attempt to get some ideas of what to watch this winter in a Facebook post, I received a massive amount of un-provoked negativity about living my RV life the WRONG way. What?!?

This was the first time I have encountered this type of negativity and thankfully my community handled the haters in the comments and showed no mercy for those comments.

The truth is we LIVE in this RV! Our days are full of Working from Roam as Russ and I both have more than full-time jobs to live this lifestyle. Sometimes, we want to tune in to some quality TV and tune out all of the worries of the day. Isn’t that what movies and tv are meant for? We pay good money to have access to the internet and sometimes we just want to Netflix and chill after working, hiking, and playing in the outdoors.

Just because my wanting to watch TV from time to time doesn’t fit your idea of what an RV’ers lifestyle is, doesn’t mean we’re doing it wrong. I mean, everything about our lifestyle is “wrong” to SO many people! Haha!

If you have read my rant thus far, please enjoy the list of shows we were recommended by the good folks on Facebook. Also, can we please bemore kind and accepting of one another? We are all bonded by humanity and the lifestyle we’ve chosen to live. It’s FREE to be nice, folks! Enjoy =)

Yellowstone + 1883 + 1923

Handmaids Tale

Alone, any season.

Bosch and Ray Donovan


Game of Thrones + House of Dragons

The Leftovers


Midnight Club

Stranger Things

Derry Girls on Netflix is hilarious, especially if you were a 90’s  teenager!

Why Women Kill (TV  Series 2019–2021) - IMDb

The Watcher

The Sinner


Big Bang Theory + Young Sheldon

Ted Lasso

Schitts Creek

Breaking Bad

Queen of the south

EVIL (it’s addicting- On Paramount+)

Doom Patrol

The Flight Attendant


Walking Dead


Vikings Valhalla

Amazing Race


Outer Banks

Criminal Minds


Trailer Park Boys

The Good Place

Hell on Wheels

goRoam videos!